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OxUA Incubator is an online platform in Oxford that accelerates Ukrainian startups and facilitates cooperation between the UK and Ukraine in the digital and technological sectors, selecting and supporting promising Ukrainian startups with academic, financial and mentorship resources.

OxUA Incubator accelerates promising Ukrainian startups with academic, financial, and mentorship resources, promoting UK-Ukraine cooperation in tech, specifically in education and health sectors


We aim to foster a dynamic and inclusive startup ecosystem in Ukraine by connecting entrepreneurs, investors, mentors, and educators across UK and US communities to support innovative and transformative concepts prioritizing sustainable growth. We prioritize Tech/Biotech, health, and educational startups to drive positive change and foster economic development.


Our vision is to establish Ukraine as a global leader in innovation and entrepreneurship by empowering startups that drive economic growth and societal impact, restoring Ukraine's economy and communities in the wake of war.

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By living out our values of Bridge, Unite, Innovate, we will provide startups with the resources, support, and network they need to thrive and establish Ukraine as a leader in innovation and entrepreneurship.

What we do:

Select the most promising UA-based start-ups and provide them

Objectives and Key Industries:


5 Ukrainian scholars studying at the University of Oxford (Oxford, Chevening, Clarendon funded scholarships):


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